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The three things that had the most impact on me ever since I joined uptrennd university.
Uptrennd University was a dream come true. I know you are wondering why, well, I never knew
there was anything called uptrennd University when I joined uptrennd but when it UU started, I
really wanted to be part of it and since luck was on my side, I got in.

I have always love learning new things . Sometimes in my quiet moment I would ask myself
what have you learnt this year or what new thing would you like to add to your knowledge?
Uptrennd university through numerous assignments taught me thing I would never know if I
were just a regular uptrenndian.

I learnt how to make a video on using vivavideo , I am now familiar with canva.com tools to
mention but few. With each given assignment, I discover potentials I never knew I had which shaped my thinking and made me a better blogger/content creator.

This is one area I never knew I would ever be involved in but thanks to uptrennd University I am
a proud tutor.
It gives me joy to impact whatever knowledge I have down to my student.
And when I see them excel, I am filled with immense joy.
Uptrennd University has shaped me to become a good content creators and also placed people under my care to nurture them to grow and be a good content creator. Being a tutor taught me what patience really is. It has also taught me how to handle and deal with people from diverse cultures and religions and It also taught me how important team work is in a group.

Last but not the least.

Friendship: Uptrennd university is made up of different people who share common goal and that
is to be a better content creator but it also give room to foster good and healthy relationship.
Some say it is a home away from home and I say yes, it is because when I am with my fellow
students /staff I feel like I am home with my family. There is never a dull moment and all these
wouldn’t have been possible if not for Uptrennd university.

Are you looking for friendship? Do you feel depressed or lonely without anyone to call a friend?
Uptrennd University doesn’t only offer friendship but gives you a family that will always be there
for you.