Pat Jules

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3 Things that Uptrennd University Brought an Impact in My Life after I joined.

Our CEO/Founder Jeff Kirdeikis once said during his interview that, “Uptrennd is on a mission
helping people to thrive through their passion,” and this has a great impact in my life knowing
that I have been looking for a social media platform where I could just express my thoughts
through writing as it’s a way of healing for me. Lo and Behold, through a friend’s subtle, pushed,
I signed up and looking back now, I must say that our platform helps me put things on a proper
perspective in life.

Likewise, when I was chosen as one of the Gamma Students at Uptrennd University where I
was so ecstatic to have been accepted, I have realized three things that brought great impact to

  1. The Spirit of Family and Fun-at once when I joined the platform, I felt the strong camaraderie
    that each of us at Uptrennd University extended and morally supported our other mates, in the
    end, our fun tasks brought us closer much to say our engagements were highly valued by one
  2. The University I call my HOME- I have never felt the kind of acceptance my Uptrennd
    University has ever bestowed on me, and I would truly say I belong here first and foremost. Our
    bond and connection to one another as content creators gave me much drive to work for my
    passion when it comes to writing and most of all helping me out to express myself and coming
    HOME here at the end of the day.
  3. The Drive to Become the Best Version of Myself- by far this has been my greatest
    accomplishment when I was chosen as one of the Gamma Students as I have felt that I am
    more confident in my blogging much to say the impact it has brought to me striving to be the
    best version of myself. Once in my life, I felt so worthless despite my effort to excel and it was
    excruciating, thus whenever I get to express it through blogging/writing I’m on my way to healing
    moreover having the VOICE to be able to share and influence others that we are worthy enough
    evolving from NOBODY to SOMEBODY!