Nigeria |

Well there are several ways uptrennd has impacted good things in my life.
Firstly, uptrennd gave me the platform to be able to share my views, Joy, sadness, food, culture
travel etc to a large number of people and also get a meaningful reaction from them through
their comments.

Secondly, uptrennd provided another source of income for someone that stays at home for now
like me. The income may not always be regular, but once the price of the coin is good, it is
usually worth it!

Thirdly, uptrennd provided me a community of friends and acquaintances. I know a whole lot of
people from other countries and mine because of uptrennd and I value this.

Finally, uptrennd blessed me with uptrennd university. A place where I’ve learned creative and
quality writing, leadership and tutorship, time management and attention to detail. A place
where my potentials have been stretched beyond all I could ever dream of.